Special Auto Rates & Benefits for NJ Educators & Staff!

Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ recognizes that educators are a special class of people who deserve a break for all they do for our children & community. Get 12-Months of Rate Protection +

With inflation at an all-time high, there’s one thing you can count on. Keep yourself protected against frequent auto insurance rate increases with a 12-month policy from Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ!

You could SAVE OVER $923* with Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ’s auto coverage and get exclusive benefits and services like At School Zero Deductible and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

At Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ, we recognize the importance of the educational community, and we are proud to offer car insurance exclusively to this special group of people. More than just insurance, we are committed to providing you with unique educator benefits and exceptional customer care, including responsive and attentive claim service, should you ever need it. We believe that if you are a teacher, insurance is not something you should ever have to worry about.

I want this teacher deal!

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