Spring Break Ambitions

By. Craig Perrier

I was in a meeting last week that opened with this ice breaker prompt:  What plans do you have for spring break?   As I quickly arranged my wish list and turned to my “shoulder partner” to share, I thought “when is spring break again?”  The short answer, it is fast approaching… and I better get started.  See, ice breakers can be valuable! 

My spring break list was an ambitious one; and that’s a good thing! With my New England roots, I was reminded of Henry David Thoreau’s words (English teachers reading this will likely smile) “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”  Indeed, the importance of this message has continued since the nineteenth century.  And getting the most out of our breaks is something we should strive for.

Unfortunately for Thoreau, he didn’t have access to the Educator Marketplace to explore or support his plans. But we do!  To show how it can help with your spring break plans, I shared my ambitious list below.  Check out what I have in mind and enjoy exploring the marketplace.

So, what was that meeting I was in about? To be honest, I forget.  But I do know that the best take away I had from it was about something more important than work – how to get the most out of our time off.  Because when those go well, our students benefit. Have a great spring break!