Positive Relationships: The Keystone of Successful Education

Craig Perrier

I had the pleasure of visiting a few classes this past week at one of our high schools.  Being back to in-person schooling has been a welcomed return to the way we teach and learn.  Moreover, the energy and vibe that comes from a public high school is clearly palpable.  Of course, this is yet another welcomed aspect of the  in-person setting.

But as the William Faulkner reminds us, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” The legacy of the difficulties and challenges of the last two school years are apparent.  As I walk to the first class in U.S. History with a school administrator, he summarizes issues schools across the nation are experiencing – attendance problems,  social- emotional needs, and inter-personal immaturity – to name a few.  But, he adds, morale is generally high, people are supporting each other, and teams are open to changes related to this new landscape.

As I enter the first class, I quickly notice what will be a trend  among each class I see that day – a caring environment that nurtures positive relationships.  This is one of the best things to see in education.  It is clear that students and teachers want to be there and spend time together. The result is that the class can work and learn together. This reality is a tribute to the expertise and disposition of the classroom teacher.

So, what specifically happens in a school where positive relationships are the norm? I identified five specific interactions in the list below and matched them with deals and opportunities found in the Educator Marketplace  right now!

The power of positive relationships can be summed up in a few ways.  From a student’s perspective, students will learn from teachers who the know care about them.  Likewise, when teachers feel they are being supported by administrators, trust and confidence follows. Overall, the entire culture of the school benefits.  That’s what I witnessed last week and this culture of support can also be found in the Educator Marketplace. Enjoy!