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February Tips & Tricks

February can be fun, I promise! The key to engaging students during February is implementing

January Tips & Tricks 2

Winter weather is just about everywhere right now! With the cold and dreary weather often

January Tips & Tricks

Happy New Year! In the spirit of resolutions, cleaning, and organization… it's time to reset your

Getting through the rest of November….

November is a month full of gratitude and thanks! Your students and their families are

Fun Classroom Ideas Before the Holidays Begin!

Hello November! The chaos of October has settled a bit, and now we get to

Turkey Teacher

"Turkey Teacher" is a common fundraiser in elementary schools, where students bring in money to

The Ides of….October?!

October has this way of cramming as many things as possible into a schedule with

Spooky Teacher Tips & Tricks for October 

Happy October! Fall is finally here, and now it's time to gear up for all

Building a Successful Classroom

What is a successful classroom? A successful classroom isn’t about high test scores but engagement,

Back to school: How Brands Can Help

Now that it’s August, the reality of another school year beginning becomes a clearer reality. 

School Supplies: Lessons Learned

Today I walked past the “Back to School” aisle and it hit me that I

Summer PD Ideas for Teachers: The “Summer Lab” Experience

Summer and school vacation have just begun! And although it will fly by quickly, this

Organize Your Classroom for The Summer

Many teachers are down to the home stretch of the school year and are anxious

Appreciate Yourself, and Plan a Summer of Intention

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is all about you and all that you do

Summer Camps and Learning Opportunities

  The value summer learning experiences have on students is significant for their personal and

The Data Talk

Savvy educators have more than one data point. This gives you a well rounded and

Celebrate Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner. This is a treasured time, not because

It’s Time For…Spring Cleaning!

I find myself looking at stacks of clutter that has built over the LONG winter

How Are Your Students Doing? Really.

How are your students doing? I don’t mean academically, although that’s important. I mean…how are

Ruff Day at School?

Having a therapy dog is not the same thing as a class pet. Using a

Problem solving Technology for K-12 schools

"Wait! No internet? This was a crippling situation for our teachers and parents."

TikTok? Nope, the Teacher Taught Me

Challenge yourself this week to sit down and implement a few things you know your

Falling in Love with Teaching…Again

Teachers love to teach. Teachers love their students. Many teachers don't love what has happened

Real World Classroom Tech Issues

"Being in education, I was told, means that there will most likely be an element

Classroom’s Latest Technology

"Keeping up with the latest trends is a daunting task for teachers. I received my

Give your PC a Free Digital Clean!

Give your PC a Free Digital Clean! with Meredith Biesinger (Watch Video)

New Year Goals 2023

New Years Goals for 2023 with Meredith Biesinger (Watch Video)

The Goal for 2023: Engagement

It's the new year, and that means new goals for everyone. Student engagement is something educators constantly

This Goes Out to the January Student Teachers

"You can’t contain spontaneity. Kids will fall off their chairs and burst out singing at

Positive Relationships: The Keystone of Successful Education

Being back to in-person schooling has been a welcomed return to the way we teach

Finding Teaching and Learning Moments in The World Cup

The tournament is a wonderful metaphor for the professional lives we have as educators.  There

Turkey Teacher

"Turkey Teacher" is a common fundraiser in elementary schools, where students bring in money to

Lunch Bunch Buddies

This post is dedicated to my lunch buddies. I’ve eaten lunch with these colleagues for

The Evolution of Teachers

The assumed message, change over time brings natural refinement, is sometimes lampooned with an additional

D is for Dyslexia 

A staggering 5 to 15 percent of Americans—14.5 to 43.5 million children and adults—have dyslexia.

Finding Joy in the Little Things

I recently had an eye-opening experience while working with kindergarten students. This was their first

Magic Words

I remember during my student teaching experience, my cooperating teacher suggested that I should find

Honoring Teachers Every Day

Don’t you love that feeling when a student, or a student’s parent, shows their gratitude?

Fall: Time for Change & Progress

The evenings are getting darker a little earlier, and the temperatures are cooling down just

Yes Day

Imagine if today were a “Yes Day”! What would happen if you said yes to

Teaching Through Travel

Have you noticed the signs of Autumn popping up around you? Last week I saw

Balance In All Things

Technology is highly beneficial, and I am grateful for all that it offers as an

What Is Your Why

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. As a young child, my older siblings and

Back to School: Tips for a Successful School Year

It’s that special time of the summer – back to school!  The excitement around the

Simplify and Succeed 

School starts this week in my neck of the woods. How can it be August

Money on your mind?

By. Teresa Marchant As we approach the dog days of summer, most of us are

Here’s to you, Summer School teachers!

For those teaching summer school, this is for you! When others say that teachers have

Intersections! Technology Landscapes and Educational Narratives

I recently concluded a summer semester online course for current educators called “Impact of Technology

Planning for Summer

You’ve made it! The school year is over, and now, give or take a few

It’s The Final Count Down!

The last month of school is here—each year seems to go by faster and faster,

Making Evergreen Events this May Even Better

The start of May ushers in a series of “evergreen” events shared by educators across

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It’s officially the first week of May, also Teacher Appreciation Week Educators are appreciated every

Field Trip Time

I love field trips! As an elementary student, there was nothing better than knowing you

Flexible Seating

I often get on Pinterest and drool over home decor ideas, crafts, and classroom designs!

Fun Test Prep Strategies

By. Meredith Biesinger It’s mid-April, and we all know what that means! It’s just about

Celebrating National Library Week

Students are consumers of information and need to learn to be critical thinkers. This is

Anyone Can Win on Any Day

By. Craig Perrier Nurturing success stories in your classroom, school, and community, can impact the

April Fools!

By. Teresa Marchant During my first year as an educator, I received a voicemail from

Move To Learn

By. Meredith Biesinger  Recently, our local elementary school had a special guest come to visit;

Spring Behavior

By. Teresa Marchant Spring is in the air! As teachers, we know this is the

We Are Lucky

By. Meredith Biesinger With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, there’s a lot of

Early Learning is Key!

By. Meredith Biesinger There tends to be a significant emphasis on K-12 education, and rightfully

Supporting Student Creativity and Curiosity

By. Craig Perrier This past weekend I was a judge at a regional National History

The Significance of Spring in Schools

By. Teresa Marchant In my school district, March 1st is a significant day. It is

The Art of Teaching and Teaching Art

By. Craig Perrier This past weekend I visited the National Gallery of Art (NGA) in

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

By. Meredith Biesinger We are one week away from Dr. Seuss's Birthday on March 2nd.

Genius Hour

By. Meredith Biesinger Does your school have a "Genius Hour?" Genius Hour is a learning

Tap into your Inner Olympian and Celebrate You!

By. Craig Perrier How great are the Winter Olympics? I remember my colleagues and I

Dear Teachers, Happy Valentine’s Day!

By. Meredith Biesinger  Happy Valentine's Day! Love is a battlefield, right?  Not really, but it

Beating the Winter Blues

By. Teresa Marchant The stretch between Winter break and Spring break seems like FOREVER! 

Teachers are Heroes and Humans

By. Meredith Biesinger Teachers are heroes, superheroes! But teachers are also human, a simple fact

Teaching With Joy and Care

By. Craig Perrier Do you remember these, or similar sayings, from past or (gasp) current

Intervention Works!

By. Teresa Marchant Interventions are supposed to work!  However, if your students are still making

D is for Differentiation

By. Meredith Biesinger Happy New Year! It’s 2022, and you’re starting a new semester with

Simple, Meaningful Activities Before Winter Break

By. Meredith Biesinger It’s the most magical time of year! The entire holiday season is

Happy & Healthy

By. Meredith Biesinger December and the winter months that follow tend to be challenging for

Planning for Surplus, and Surprise Funds

By. Craig Perrier Last week our administrator asked us two unexpected questions.  First, “is there

Project Based Learning

By. Meredith Biesinger It's the holiday season. You've just returned from Thanksgiv

Title One Truths

By. Teresa Marchant For some students and their families this may not be the “Most

Life Outside of the Classroom

By. Craig Perrier As a student I always found it shocking to encounter one of

The Power of Play

By. Meredith Biesinger  The science of brain development is fascinating! Thanks to science, there is

Do What’s Best for Teachers

By. Craig Perrier The title of this post is inspired by a lone principals’ message

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

By. Meredith Biesinger It's hard to believe that it's already November, isn't it?

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Teacher

By. Teresa Marchant What do you want to be when you grow up? This is

Parents + Teachers = Educational Partners

By. Teresa Marchant Parent Teacher Conferences are a good time to build relationships.

Fall Teacher Tips

By. Meredith Biesinger The cooler weather energizes me, and it also energizes my students!

The Ed Tech Imperative – Keep it Going!

By. Craig Perrier There was a frequently used saying being used among educators during the

Assessments, Sugar, and Goals…Oh My!

By. Meredith Biesinger Hello October! We welcomed in October last week, and I know we're

I Question… Therefore I Am

By. Craig Perrier Have you ever told your students to “ask me anything,” “always ask

Putting the Extra in Extraordinary

By. Teresa Marchant Extraordinary can be defined as not typical or goes above what is

Fall into Learning

By. Meredith Biesinger The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing, and maybe you've

A Teacher’s Heart

By. Meredith Biesinger There’s something to be said about an individual who chooses a profession

Character Education

By. Teresa Marchant Great read aloud books can help build a community in your classroom.

Class Community Building – Yes, it’s Important!

By. Craig Perrier Fostering community in a classroom, whether virtual or in-person, takes time and

The Gift of Growth

By. Teresa Marchant As my adult children headed off to college, I felt a need

Creativity is my Middle Name

By. Craig Perrier Teachers, in general, are a creative bunch of people.  By this I

The Modern Day “Cart Teacher”

By. Meredith Biesinger When I was in high school (many years ago), we didn't have

Can You Judge a Teacher by their Mask?

By. Craig Perrier Depending on where you teach, wearing masks may be part of your

Creativity in the Classroom

By Meredith Biesinger  Creativity in the classroom provides a fun way of learning and creates a safe

Relationship Building in Week 1

By. Craig Perrier One of the rarely spoken challenges teachers face every year is getting