TikTok? Nope, the Teacher Taught Me

By. Meredith Biesinger

Information is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere these days! It’s overwhelming for me as an adult, so I can’t imagine what a student feels like, especially if their access to the internet is unrestricted.

A pasta strainer? I recently watched a Tik Tok video of a lady diffusing her curly hair with a pasta strainer! Did I watch this video more than once? Yes, yes, I did. Admittedly, it captivated me for a few minutes, and now I want to try it.

This is a perfect example of distraction, and our kiddos are constantly distracted.

Technology and digital media is a force to be reckoned with, but they can be used for good!

Implementing technology and the tutorials and memes that come along with digital media  can be great “attention grabbers” for students today. Whether we like it or not, this is their world right now, and as long as the content is appropriate and helps them learn, we can utilize it to the best of our abilities.

With the help of technology, curriculum, and creativity, we can create a whole peloton experience for students! Engaged, involved, and personalized lessons are the goal.

Challenge yourself this week to sit down and implement a few things you know your students like. It might be a song, a video clip from YouTube, or a reel that is relevant to them in their lives. Include that media in a lesson next week, and see what happens! Remember, Tik Tok doesn’t teach your students; you do!