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Back to school: How Brands Can Help

Now that it’s August, the reality of another school year beginning becomes a clearer reality. 

Summer Survival Kit

Oh to be a kid again!  My days were filled with bike rides, walks to

Fun in the Sun! Preventing Summer Slide. 

Consistent learning opportunities can prevent the summer slide. Learning opportunities are around us every day,

Appreciate Yourself, and Plan a Summer of Intention

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is all about you and all that you do

Summer Camps and Learning Opportunities

  The value summer learning experiences have on students is significant for their personal and

Step Into Spring!

Spring is here! Time for a fun lesson that embraces the season.

TikTok? Nope, the Teacher Taught Me

Challenge yourself this week to sit down and implement a few things you know your

Celebrating Black History Month

This is a great time of year to dedicate our learning to the lives

Merry & Bright

Kindness should be given every day, not just during the holiday season. However, there are

The Evolution of Teachers

The assumed message, change over time brings natural refinement, is sometimes lampooned with an additional

D is for Dyslexia 

A staggering 5 to 15 percent of Americans—14.5 to 43.5 million children and adults—have dyslexia.

Teaching Through Travel

Have you noticed the signs of Autumn popping up around you? Last week I

Balance In All Things

Technology is highly beneficial, and I am grateful for all that it offers as an

What Is Your Why

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. As a young child, my older siblings and

Connecting Your Students to the Local and Global  

This summer I reacquainted myself with the Global Development Goals agreed to by nearly every

Intersections! Technology Landscapes and Educational Narratives

I recently concluded a summer semester online course for current educators called “Impact of Technology

Commencement Reflections: Citizenship and the Influence of Educators

It is graduation season across the K-16 landscape!  Whether you have already attended or will

Field Day Festivities

It’s officially that time of year…Field Day Time! Your students have looked forward to this

Outdoor Education

One of my favorite award winning books is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. If you have

Making Evergreen Events this May Even Better

The start of May ushers in a series of “evergreen” events shared by educators across

Field Trip Time

I love field trips! As an elementary student, there was nothing better than knowing you

Fun Test Prep Strategies

By. Meredith Biesinger
It’s mid-April, and we all know what that means! It’s just about time

Move To Learn

By. Meredith Biesinger 
Recently, our local elementary school had a special guest come to visit; Coach

Early Learning is Key!

By. Meredith Biesinger
There tends to be a significant emphasis on K-12 education, and rightfully so,

Supporting Student Creativity and Curiosity

By. Craig Perrier
This past weekend I was a judge at a regional National History Day

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

By. Meredith Biesinger
We are one week away from Dr. Seuss's Birthday on March 2nd. Green

Genius Hour

By. Meredith Biesinger
Does your school have a "Genius Hour?" Genius Hour is a learning approach

Tap into your Inner Olympian and Celebrate You!

By. Craig Perrier
How great are the Winter Olympics? I remember my colleagues and I tailoring

Dear Teachers, Happy Valentine’s Day!

By. Meredith Biesinger 
Happy Valentine's Day! Love is a battlefield, right?  Not really, but it

Beating the Winter Blues

By. Teresa Marchant
The stretch between Winter break and Spring break seems like FOREVER! 

The Power of Play

By. Meredith Biesinger 
The science of brain development is fascinating! Thanks to science, there is now

Assessments, Sugar, and Goals…Oh My!

By. Meredith Biesinger
Hello October! We welcomed in October last week, and I know we're all ready

Creativity in the Classroom

By Meredith Biesinger 
Creativity in the classroom provides a fun way of learning and creates a safe and

Have fun this summer while learning

Keep kids entertained and educated all summer.