Turkey Teacher

By. Meredith Biesinger

“Turkey Teacher” is a common fundraiser in elementary schools, where students bring in money to purchase feathers to add to their teacher’s turkey that is placed on their classroom door. The teacher with the most feathers on their door wins a gift card at the end of the week.

It’s a fun and simple fundraiser, but I’ve never cared for it because every teacher I know is a “Turkey Teacher.” They are all great! Sometimes, your classroom has varied demographics, and many students can’t afford to bring in a few dollars to buy feathers for their teacher. This is becoming more and more common as the prices of everything continue to go up, and families are more frugal with their money, and understandably so. 

So, with Thanksgiving being just one week away, Educator Marketplace is here to tell every teacher that YOU ARE A TURKEY TEACHER! We don’t have feathers for you, but we have endless savings and deals, with opportunities to win giveaways just for being you and doing what you do. 

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All “Turkey Teachers” need some self-care during the holidays, and let’s be honest, during all days. Consider a wine subscription if you want some time to unwind and relax. Firstleaf sends the wine you like to your door with free shipping!  Whether your school has a Turkey Teacher fundraiser or not. Educator Marketplace thinks you’re the best! We appreciate you and all you do and are so thankful for teachers.