Finding Teaching and Learning Moments in The World Cup

Craig Perrier

I was teaching at an American School in Sao Paulo when  Brazil won the 2002 World Cup. It was a magical experience not just because of their victory but because of the  journey leading up to their fifth championship.  The tournament is a wonderful metaphor for the professional lives we have as educators.  There are guaranteed  moments that elicit a range of emotions – surprise, excitement, loss, and success.

Well, the World Cup is back! As I am writing this piece, the games played so far have provided the dramatic moments that parallel a school year, semester, week, and daily experiences educators have.  For example, the United States team, one of the youngest playing in 2022, exudes youthful optimism found in our students’ (and new teachers’) eyes.  The upset by Saudi Arabia over Argentina reminds us of the necessity to foster resilience and determination as both teams have more games ahead to play.  And the overwhelming victory by England over Iran is indicative that preparation can be bring success on performance assessments.

In addition to the World Cup’s connection to our professional lives, the event’s international character provides a perfect opportunity to be curious about the globe and reflect on our interaction within this space. In turn, I thought it would be fun to explore the Educator Marketplace for connections, and deals, related to these sentiments.  Here is what I fun!

  • Youthfulness: Our students are why we are educators.  Support them and their family with the deals in the “Students and Parents” section.
  • Resilience: Grit is such a valuable quality.  One of the attributes that is indicative of resilience is how you take care of your home. Whether you rent or own, the “Home and Garden” deals can elevate your space… and you.
  • Preparation: Soccer players are fit, and with the holiday season and new year’s resolutions on the horizon, why not start now using the “Sports, Fitness and Outdoor” portal.
  • Curiosity: Learning something new is at the core of education. Indulge your curiosity in the “Subscriptions” section and make your curiosity a reality.
  • Reflection: When we reflect, new ideas and processes often come to light.  The “Special Sales” section provides a perfect moment to consider “what can be…”
  • Internationalism:  Plan your next get away using the “Travel and Luggage portal.  I am certain one of the nations playing in this World Cup is on your bucket list to visit!

The 2022 World Cup continues for about a month more.  I hope you and your students revel in the event and find moments that further the qualities above – and others not listed.  When you identify those sentiments, return to the Educator Marketplace to explore more.  Have a great World Cup!